GPS Logger
A survey tool for archaeologists

  • Stores GPS points and user-entered descriptions.
  • Efficient battery usage - You are in control of when the GPS is active.
  • Point data is formatted in a comma delimeted text file (can be opened in a spreadsheet program).
  • Data can be distributed both within an email message and as an attachment.
  • Emails will be queued and sent automatically whenever Wifi or 3G is available.

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Fine Print:
  • This app only works on an iPad 1 or later equipped with 3G. GPS is only found on devices with 3G.
  • The points are only deleted when you CLEAR the log file. Sending an email message does not change the log contents.
  • Be sure you RECEIVE your data by email before clearing the log file.
  • Different versions of the iPad have GPS hardware with different accuracy. Your readings will vary.
  • GPS returns updated locations as long as:
    • The iPad continues to move (e.g., within a vehicle).
    • The GPS software is refining its values and increasing the accuracy of the measurement.
  • GPS accuracy and reporting intervals are set to "best".
  • The GPS shuts off when the "Save Point" button is pressed.
  • Unprintable characters and commas are not allowed in point descriptions.
  • If you have questions or comments, email support (at)